CNN Pulls a FOX News – Ignores Own Poll Showing Ron Paul Wins Debate

300px Ronpaul1544 CNN Pulls a FOX News   Ignores Own Poll Showing Ron Paul Wins Debate

Ron Paul continually increases popularity despite questionable media tactics

In the opinion of a large number of  people across America and the world, it’s official.  CNN is the same as FOX News.

In the recent Republican debate in New Hampshire broadcast on CNN, there was a viewer poll.  In the viewer poll, the results were clear – Ron Paul won the New Hampshire Republican debate.

However, CNN decided to ignore this poll altogether. Why would their viewers want to know who the CNN debate audience thought won the debate?   Instead, they ignored their own poll and replaced it with another poll with approximately 50 to 60 entries.

Why on earth would they do such a thing?  It does seem strange for what should be an objective news channel to not report the results of their own poll.   If they are objective, then who cares who wins?  It’s all about reporting the facts to the public, right?

This same kind of thing happened back in 2007.  Fox News had a Republican presidential debate and, again, Ron Paul won the debate according to viewers.  The Fox News crew were having none of that.  They claimed the poll figures had to be wrong.  Something had to be amiss. Sean Hannity was visibly angry that Ron Paul was victorious. So, what did they do? They dismissed the victory completely and went on reporting as though the Fox News hand-picked, favorite candidates  actually won.   They covered Rudy, Romney and other so-called front runners.

So, what is this grudge against Ron Paul?   I’ll let you decide. All I can tell you is that I highly recommend you read, listen and view as much material about Ron Paul as you can.  He is not like other politicians, and in my opinion that is a wonderful thing.

Here’s the takeaway.  The left always claims that Fox news and the likes of Sean Hannity are terrible and biased.  The right claims that CNN is terrible and biased.    The truth seems to be that they are both right.   They both seem to be far from objective. Both seem to be terribly biased.  It’s kind of funny that the left wing CNN did exactly the same thing the right wing Sean Hannity did, isn’t it?

It seems there is no real difference between CNN and Fox News except for the childish left vs right narrative that fools many people in this country.  These networks are shills for a giant corporatist, big government establishment.

Please keep this thought in mind as you tune in to these networks.  Maybe you will see the news and political coverage just a little bit differently from now on.


Please note  (o6/18):

I have noticed comments online in response to this post and others like it saying they don’t see the CNN poll or that they don’t believe this information.  (a) That may be because you aren’t really looking at or listening to the piles of information pointing to this.  Please click the links in this post, look on youtube or do an internet search to find the truth…if you really want the truth. (b) Maybe you don’t want believe these facts. Maybe you like your opinion so much you just don’t want to accept it.  (c) If these posts and videos explaining how CNN ignored their own poll were wrong, why wouldn’t they correct them?


 CNN Pulls a FOX News   Ignores Own Poll Showing Ron Paul Wins Debate