For Those Who Are Easily Offended

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Are you easily offended? Then please read this post. Then again, don't. You might get offended.

For those of you who are easily offended, stop reading this. Take your thin skin and get the hell out of here.   I am not going to walk on egg shells for you. I will not tap dance around subjects or thoughts that might make little ol’ you feel less than swell.

So, please take your fragile personality somewhere else.  This website is not about being politically correct. I despise political correctness.  Political correctness is a tool of….politics.  That’s right. Politics. And look at all the lovely things politics does for humanity.  What do people say about politicians?  They always lie.  So, maybe… just maybe political correctness is big steaming pile of shit.

People who feel comfortable tucking themselves away in cozy bubble of labels need not read any further. Go somewhere else.

If you are the kind of person who finds it offensive or “evil” that I enjoy eating cheeseburgers, go away.

If you are so defensive about a label that you embrace that you are scouring innocuous comments for reasons to be offended, you should also leave this website and never come back.

Do yourself the favor.  I wouldn’t want to bruise your feelings.  I will confess.  I am not here to make you feel warm & cozy about yourself.  I do not wake up every morning and think “How can I make those overly sensitive people feel as if the whole world is like a warm blanket?”.

Hey, maybe I have it all wrong.  Maybe we should try it your way. Let’s just sweep any opinion under the rug that might make you feel less than cozy.  While we’re at it, let’s never say anything that challenges conventional wisdom or address any harsh realities. Those things too must be swept under the rug for the sake of not offending you.

Nah. How about this?  For those candy coated, politically correct, easily offended speech nazis who live for demanding apologies, I kindly invite you to shit in your hat.

Are you still reading this?

Does this seem harsh?  Maybe, maybe not.  I don’t think it’s too harsh. I think the easily offended need a wake up call.

Here’s why.

The people who are still reading this are probably the following:

  1. People who are getting a kick out of the rant above
  2. People who want to know where this is going
  3. The people the rant above was talking about

#1 is comprised of people who have probably wanted to say something like that before, but never have.  #2 are people who were reading the rant and are wondering if there is a point and if so, what the hell it might be.  Well, #3 is where I get to my point.

The people in group #3 are people who are the people I was ranting about and are still reading this.  There are probably people who will read this post and will find it aggravating, maybe even infuriating, yet will read on.  They will think I am a jerk and continue to read and fume.   Here’s why that is significant.

These people are looking to be offended, choosing to be offended and choosing to stay offended.

The people who cling to their labels with a defensive stance and scan every comment looking for something they can interpret as an attack of some kind to be offended over are part of the problem, not the solution.

This may sound strange, but it’s true. People who act this way are doing some things they might not be aware of.

  • They are looking for the worst in people – Whether they know it or not, they are operating under the assumption that people are bad.  They identify with a certain label or something they identify with and they are ready to pounce on anything or anyone who knowingly or not makes comments about this thing they identify with.  This doesn’t mean you should accept abuse from people who are insulting you or your way of life.  However, these thin-skinned people have hair trigger personalities and go into offended mode at the drop of a hat.  Which leads us to the next thing.
  • They do not give people the benefit of the doubt – These people are so busy obeying their knee jerk reaction to be offended that they take no time to understand what people are saying. They do not take the time to see if what the person said may have sounded a certain way, but he or she didn’t mean it how they took it. They do not take the time to reflect on it in the right context.  They decide to be offended.  Even if they go through the motions of asking you about your comments, they don’t want to understand usually. They are trying to get you to admit you are a bad person and apologize for something you didn’t say or mean.  Once the easily offended enter this mode, they are prosecution, judge and jury of the hastiest court on earth.
  • They are feeding on the drama – When someone who is easily offended flips the switch, they are engaging in a self-defense mechanism, and in a weird kind of way, are fueling a fire relating to something they associate with their identity.  They become psychological pyromaniacs.  By getting all heated about that thing they identify with, they perceive they are fighting a noble fight in defense of the label / identifier, whether or not therr is a real attack. Once the switch is flipped, it’s about the drama.  The drama makes them feel closer to the label or identifier they embrace.  At some point, the “bad” person who triggered the easily offended person may explain his comments and they may be completely harmless.  This doesn’t matter to the easily offended. It’s about being offended now.   It’s about feeding the drama.

Furthermore, those who are easily offended are always creating confrontation and problems that never needed to happen.  By looking to be offended and being contentious because they have thin skin, they are just focusing on problems and trouble.

  1. If the easily offended person is giving somebody shit for no good reason, that is bad.  You are digging up something that wasn’t there and in a way, the easily offended person is perpetuating the problem he claims he wants to resolve.
  2. If a person is a legitimate jerk, like a guy who burns the Koran or a person who is going out of his way to say stupid things about race, then why bother with him or her?  He is obviously trying to offend people and stir the pot. By feeding into it too much, you are falling for the trap. Just look at all of the news coverage the Koran burning preacher got this year.  By focusing on that jerk, people focused on the destructive energy and by doing so gave the problem more than it deserved.  That creep should have been ignored.

That said, we can understand when people get offended by those people like the book burner or the blatant racist. After all, we are human.  But for the easily offended, their minds are analyzing everything for the possibility to be offended.

Here’s 2 recent examples that inspired this post.

A guy who was a long time follower of me on Twitter got offended at a comment I made.   I made a comment that basically said that men, in general, need to grow up and start acting like men.   The guy who had been following me for months (and who I exchanged messages with often) took my statement as an attack against gay men.  He was wrong.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  He knows I am a good guy.  He and most of my followers know I that I am cool with all people. The way I see it, people can live their lives anyway they choose so long as they don’t harm other people or their property. In fact, I wrote a post to share these thoughts and offer this deal to people.   No matter what I said (or what other people said) trying to explain the situation, this guy was offended. That was that.  The irony is that he proved my point. Grown men need to grow up and start acting like men. Instead he stomped his feet, took his ball and went home.  I don’t really want to talk to him again.

Then there are those easily offended people who are just completely out of touch with reality. The kind of easily offended people I hope never end up in elected office.

For example, recently I wrote on Twitter that I enjoyed cheeseburgers.   One of my followers was offended by that.  Because I was unapologetic in my enjoyment for cheeseburgers, this lady began giving me all sorts of shit.  She said I was evil.  She said I was a hypocrite.  She said I was brainwashed by the meat industry.  As soon as the “I’m offended” switch was flipped, this militant vegan only saw 2 options (a) She would save my meat eating soul (b) If I could not be converted, I am pure evil and should be hated. If that is how she feels that is her choice.  Again, there is a certain irony here.  She got offended easily and in losing herself in her emotional impulses began name calling and attacking me. She even put me on 3 different twitter lists of hers calling me names in anger.   I could have chose be offended or angry.  I chose to ignore her and move on.

Now, if you follow me on Twitter, you know I am a pretty good guy. However,  I regularly post that because I have strong opinions it is likely I will piss everyone off at least once.  This may be an exaggeration, but I say it because I want people to know that eventually we won’t agree and there is no reason to get offended or be needlessly contentious.  We can just be people who disagree sometimes.

The world has 6 billion people in it. Each person is unique.  There are too many serious problems out there to be easily offended.  It is a waste of time and energy. It is unproductive, even harmful.  Life is too short to hand hold those looking to be offended. They are part of the problem.

(If you are offended by this post, please start at the beginning and read again)





 For Those Who Are Easily Offended