Mainstream Media Personalities Starting To Matter Less to People

Rachel Maddow in Seattle cropped1 Mainstream Media Personalities Starting To Matter Less to People

Are people taking the word of mainstream media personalities as much these days?

If you are paying attention to current events, the economy, political happenings and foreign affairs you can tell that something is in the air.  If you look at political poll results you know something is going on.  The relationship between people and the mainstream media is changing.

Here is an example:

The mainstream media told you over and over that Mitt Romney, Michelle Bachman and Rick Perry were the top tier candidates in the Republican Party.  They were anointed the front runners by the mainstream media figures like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Bill O ‘Reilly, Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow and Brian Williams. Not only that, they go out of their way to tell you who can and can’t win.

However, it is Ron Paul and Herman Cain who have had recent success. Ron Paul with a huge victory winning the California straw poll and Herman Cain winning the Florida straw poll.   The mainstream media has been consistently telling the public that Ron Paul is insignificant (and at times even marginalizing and mocking him). It is so bad that John Stewart did an entire segment pointing out how the media ignores Ron Paul’s success.

And it continues. Just look at youtube and you will find a huge list of videos exposing how the media has ignored him.  Fox News and CNN have both pulled their own polls where Ron Paul won. Ron Paul’s recent California straw poll victory  (the state that carries the most votes) was quietly covered.  It was not a leading story like Bachman’s Iowa win or Herman Cain’s win.  Ron Paul winning the California straw poll went unmentioned on the Sunday political shows.


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Ron Paul - Liberty Defined

Despite all of this, Ron Paul may be the most consistent performer among Republican candidates.  Plus, he is among the top candidates in fund raising.  Furthermore, he gets more donations from members of the military than all other Republican candidates combined.   Here’s the kicker.

In a recent presidential poll Ron Paul defeated President Obama.  Ron Paul 51% and Barack Obama 49%

So what’s the point?  Why am I going over this?  This is not how it’s supposed to work.

Here’s The Way The Media Is Supposed To Work

Did you know that basically the media is owned and controlled by only 6 corporations?

That’s right. Here’s a media ownership chart to show you. If you don’t believe me, check for yourself by doing an internet search (try Blekko or StartPage for a change instead of Google).

Why does that matter? Well, it puts a lot of power in a few hands.  It puts the control of the news and information in the hands of these 6 giant corporations, all of whom have close association with the government in one way or another.   Keep that in mind.

So here’s how it’s supposed to go:

  • The official story comes from the big government-big corporate complex.
  • Mainstream media figures from the media organizations controlled by the 6 giant corporations, reports the official story.
  • You are supposed to watch these media outlets and believe every word you hear.
  • You are supposed to refrain from asking questions or thinking critically.
  • You are supposed to absorb the talking points.
  • You are supposed to absorb the opinions they tell you to have as if they are facts.
  • You are supposed to then repeat these opinions and talking points in conversations with other people.
  • For those who watched a story on a mainstream media outlet, these conversations will reinforce the opinions and talking points that the mainstream media figures told you.
  • For those who haven’t watched that story or unaware of it, it is supposed to spread the official story, opinions and talking points to these new people.

More and more every day, this is not how it is working.  The mainstream media figures matter less and less all the time.

  • The mainstream media figures told the public that Ron Paul was insignificant. The public has supported him. His support continues to grow.
  • The mainstream media figures told the public that the war in Libya was a humanitarian mission. They told you it was a kinetic military action.  The public is not buying it. The public is tiring of the wars.
  • The mainstream media figures tell the public that the economy is not that bad. They say we are not in a recession or depression They tell you the stimulus worked, taxes are good, more government spending is good, The Federal Reserve Bank will help save the day and the economy is on the rebound.   The public lives in the real world and doesn’t believe this.
  • The mainstream media figures tells the public they need to sacrifice some of your liberties so the government can protect you from Muslim extremists who hate America because we have freedom ( the irony is thick).  The public is resenting this more and more.  People are speaking out against the TSA and are starting to think the government is using the buzzwords of extremism and terrorism as fear mongering.

There are tons of examples. The list grows all the time.

So why are people influenced less and less by mainstream media figures?

  1. The mainstream media track record is lousy. This is especially true on the economy.  They are wrong way on a consistent basis.  If your doctor was wrong all the time, you’d look for another doctor.
  2. They have been shady.   They have been caught using cheap tricks to misinform the public. They have simply ignored stories. They have acted less than professional, often times attacking people’s reputations and making baseless claims in the hopes the public takes it at face value.
  3. They are not objective – People watch the news for objective information about current events. That is simply nowhere to be found. You can’t find a news broadcast that doesn’t inject opinion into news stories.
  4. Alternative media and information – There is a growing alternative media.  There are many websites and blogs out there that offer knowledgeable political and economic commentary that is not limited to the opinion of the outlets controlled by the giant 6 corporations.   There are websites out there that offer real education on matters of the economy, politics, history, economics and foreign affairs.  The information is presented in many ways and in many styles.  These alternative media outlets have proven to be right more often on the economy and often predict the actions of government both domestically and in areas of foreign policy.

So when Bill O’ Reilly takes Ron Paul and Hermain Cain out of a poll for having too many votes (yes, you read that right) or Chris Matthews fires insults at you while telling you you need to pay higher taxes, the government needs to spend more and raise the debt ceiling…you can simply turn them off and seek an alternative source of information.  Instead of flipping from channel to channel listening to people with perfect hair and whiter than white teeth sounding like a broken record with the exact same buzzwords and talking points, you can go to the internet and look for a variety of sources of information and decided for yourself.

The public is deciding that the mainstream media figures matter less and less.

What do you think?

Does the mainstream matter less? Yes or no?  Why or why not ?


 Mainstream Media Personalities Starting To Matter Less to People