Politicians Don’t Really Care About Social Issues

This post isn’t going to be a lengthy explanation of the headline. This post is to simply plant a seed in every person’s head who happens to read this.  Politicians do not really care about social issues.

This statement sounds a bit harsh to the person who is an avid political news follower.  That is because people hear what politicians say every day on the radio and on television.  So, what is the big idea saying politicians don’t really care about social issues? Allow me to explain.

  • There is a big difference between what politicians say and what they do.  The news covers what they say very well. They do not cover what they do very much at all.  When was the last time you saw a list of how senators voted on a bill on a TV news network or in a newspaper like the New York Times?  When was the last time you saw the wording of a bill on CNN or FOX News?  How about the Washington Post? It doesn’t happen very often does it?  You would think they would cover every bill in full detail and how every politician voted. That would be responsible objective reporting wouldn’t it?  Anyway, the point is that politicians can talk all they want about social issues, but what do they actually do and how does it actually affect change?
  • It is just business.  Social issues are something politicians use.  They are leverage. They are a political tool. I wish they weren’t but they are.  Politicians will claim a bill or a large amount of spending is done in the name of a social issue.  Generally, the social issue is just something used to make people approve of the large amount of money being taken from tax payers.  After that you rarely hear details of the spending.
  • Social issues are a great way to spread money around among cronies. This needs no explanation.  You may disagree. I encourage you to do some homework to prove me wrong. Follow the money.
  • It’s all about the money.  Politics is a big money business. No matter how much a politician says he or she cares about issue X, you will usually find large sums of money exchange hands conveniently (unions, corporations and other lobby groups) or new regulations get passed to benefit some at the detriment of everyone else. Interestingly enough,  the issue never seems to get resolved.  In fact, the issue usually gets worse. This allows the politician to justify even more spending for this issue.  Of course, the money always ends up coming from the tax payer. Ask yourself this question. When was the last time the government or a politician ever helped a social problem on his / her own without tremendous pressure from the people?  I think you could go back through all of world history and find little to no examples. Just a hunch.
  • Politicians are usually exploiting the thing they claim to be helping. Who’s to say if this is on purpose or if it’s just a byproduct of their foolishness and greed.  However, the result is what counts.  This goes for a large percentage of social issues.  They use language like fairness, equality, justice and the like. The veil it with statements of good intentions and keep up appearance of being a champion of the people. In reality, the results are usually much different.  You know this to be true.   The public schools get worse no matter how much money is thrown at them.  How did the war on poverty do? The war on drugs?  Please apply this thought to any social issue you can think of and see if what I am saying is the rule or the exception.

That is all I will say on this. However, the more you read / learn history, government and economics, the more you see how this is true and how it all fits into the big picture.  You will realize that the key to understanding what a politicians is saying and what they are doing lies in having a solid foundation of economic knowledge.

If you understand the economics, you understand their actions. If you understand their actions, you understand their track record. You understand their track record and you understand the politician and the agendas.

Going forward, I will attempt to offer street smart explanations of economics and how they apply to politics, government and current events.  I hope this post wasn’t too cryptic. I hope it made sense.  I hope you check back to read my thoughts and contributions going forward.