Will The Politicians Say That Nobody Could Have Seen Economic Meltdown Coming?

Lewrockwell1 Will The Politicians Say That Nobody Could Have Seen Economic Meltdown Coming?
Lew Rockwell – Creator of LewRockwell.com, the best read Libertarian website, and founder of the Ludwig von MIses Institute who practice Austrian Economics. The Austrian School has predicted correctly the economic trends correctly that the Keynsian school has failed to predicted repeatedly since its inception.  – Image via Wikipedia

Hey, Americans. Pull yourself away from your manufactured “reality” television.   While you sit in front of the boob tube and numb your mind on sensory stimuli, the government is passing laws that will hurt you yet again.

It’s one thing that Americans are going to get robbed blind by the people they celebrate with bumper stickers.   That’s modern day America. Societal zombies and sheep willfully accepting roles they have been conditioned to not only accept , but strive for, since they were in elementary school.

It’s a whole other thing to repeatedly see American numb skulls vomit out the propaganda of the pseudo-news networks.   CNN, FOX, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC…you name it…they will all say the same thing once the government passes the stimulus bill and throws the tax payer another beating.

Be prepared to hear the following statement  in the coming months when the economy gets even worse:

Nobody could have seen this coming…


Peter Schiff saw it coming.

Ron Paul saw it coming.

Lew Rockwell saw it coming.

Tom Woods saw it coming.

And many more free market economists saw it coming.

What do these men have in common?

They belong to the Austrian School of Economics. They believe in free markets and liberty.

They have been warning people of these things for years.  Do people listen? No. What do people do? They go back to republican and democrat politicians who never get it right.

The system is broken, folks. It only serves the interests of the government and those suckling on the government teet.

Wake up …there are people who see what’s coming.  It may be too late to avoid the trouble this time around. When the economic storm settles remember who tried to warn you and compare it to what the politicians and media told you.

Next time, try something new.  Ignore the Democrats and Republicans and try free market economomists of the Austrian School whose economics advance liberty.