Getting a Domain Name and Web Hosting

A domain name is simply an internet identity for your site. It is the address in which your clients will be able to identify your website and differentiate it from the sea of websites available in the virtual world. Whether you are a business person, a blog writer or a corporate person, it is required that you register a domain name for you to command some presence on the internet. This can be done through seeking for the services of the web hosting companies.

domain name and web hosting

Domain Name Explained

A domain name is divided into three parts. The first part is the type that is inclusive of everything that can be accessed through the internet. For instance, www is the first part of a domain name. The second part is usually the name the name of your business or organization- For instance ‘writers blog’. The last part is the extension-for instance ‘.com’.

The domain name that you choose should be easy to remember; both for you and your target audience. All the characters chosen should be simple and short. The extension that you choose should also be indicative of your type of website; whether you are it is a personal site, country specific or organizational site.

Web Hosting Services

Whereas it is possible to register your domain name on your name and freely, it is always wise to consult the domain name and web hosting companies to help you. This is because getting a domain name is not the only thing that you need in order to start attracting traffic into your site. Web hosting is the art of getting some disk space and bandwidth from a patented host so that your web content is stored and made available to your targeted audience. For such services, you are required to pay a certain fee to the host company

It is only through proper web hosting with the assistance of the professionals that your presence on the internet is felt. The host companies will offer you a package that is inclusive of domain name registration and some of the necessary features in a web hosting course. They will also offer you the support that you require in web hosting.

Finding the Best Web Hosting Company

The best domain name and web hosting companies will offer you a chance to have unlimited domain names and control panels. They will also offer you 24/7 support and an affordable rate or some coupons for their services.

Note that the price paid for a hosting service depends on the features provided and the type of website. The more features you get, the more you will pay for the service. Still, if you are running a personal website, you will be required to pay less for the service as opposed to someone hosting a corporate or a business website.

It is important that you find the best domain name and web hosting companies through research. With the best hosting company, you will not have to be worried about getting domain names and finding other features necessary to run a website. Such a company will offer services that are beyond your expectations.

The Winner: Best Web Hosting Services

best web hostingIn this Internet   world today, every small company needs to have an online presence in order to easily reach out to a noteworthy audience. The Internet is the only place where public exposure and this is one of the very vital tools when it comes to marketing. Choosing the very best web hosting for small business website is the main ground work that you really need to do in order to get your website set and running and getting the benefits that the web has to offer.

There are  a number of many hosting packages in the market that are providing similar benefits that they just  leave shoppers  easily confused and in doubt.

Here is most business web hosting plans can provide?

This best web hosting for small business plans generally, offer very high bandwidth as well as more web space to cater to the huge amount of traffic as well as the expected multimedia files that as well need to be hosted on a website. They also give sufficient MySQL databases   that can use to support storing of the customer data as well as shopping cart information. Different web hosting companies are really getting very   well known because they have the best services to offer at cheaper rates.

Factors to consider when finding a web hosting service for home business

Though there are so many factors to consider depending on the sort of website that one will be running.  Below are general points to look for when you will be choosing the right best web hosting service.

Limitless Bandwidth: Bandwidth means that amount you have available in order to transfer your web pages from the server to the browsers of the visitors to your website. As a business, one will intend to have a good number of visitors to your website, and that needs a lot of bandwidth.  It will also need more for a site that offers hostgator coupon code audio as well as video downloads.

Uptime: selecting a business web host that often guarantees uptime is as well an essential need for business sites. Having even just one day of downtime can really mean thousands of latent visitors are lost, and this can unfavorably affect your business. So you really need to make sure that the company provides the very lowest guaranteed downtime as possible. 99.9%, up running time is one of the very best features offered that you can get from hosting companies these days? Make sure you find out how true they may say they are by asking what they do to make sure that you   get a 99.9% uptime.

Speed: The speed   of a site is what determines how fast   all visitors can access your online website. Find out the sort of hardware   the company uses for their servers as well as a kind of speed they can guarantee. The best web host for company will have more favorable speed to make sure that your guests will not have to linger for your pages to load, or they will just leave your site anytime

This Year’s Best Web Hosting Deals

We all are fascinated by the best deals in the market and what better it could be if the deal is the best for your business. Yes, we are discussing the Web Hosting Deals. Web Hosting has become a real important business these days and a much profitable too. There are a huge and magnum numbers of dealers providing this service. And, thus competition is high. Thus, every other company is coming up with one or the other web hosting deals to attract users. Let us know about some of the latest and best deals this year.



1.    Every dawn brings in a new competitor in the market. Softsys Hosting is one the latest introduction in this ever growing business. It is offering dedicated server hosting from ten data center locations all across the globe, which includes USA, Asia, UK, Netherlands and Canada. And, to promote their entry they are offering a $50/month discount for life. This offer is open right now, and the last date is not yet declared. A very good opportunity to start with.


2.    PhotonVPS is offering 70% off on Cloud Website Hosting with DDoS protection. To get hold of this offer you need to go to their website and enter wf70 as the coupon code. The offer includes the following features:

Start-up Website Hosting

•    25GB Disk Space

•    500GB Bandwidth

•    1 IP

•    Auto script installer

•    Site builder

•    Virtualized Environment with Dedicated Resources

•    cPanel control panel

•    Free DDOS mitigation up to 1Gbps

•     $2.98 per month

Enterprise Website Hosting

•    100GB Disk Space

•    1TB Bandwidth

•    1 IP

•    Auto script installer

•    Site builder

•    Virtualized Environment with Dedicated Resources

•    cPanel control panel

•    Free DDOS mitigation up to 3Gbps

•    $5.98 per month

These are the two types of plans or the offers being available under this section. The user can avail any of these web hosting deals depending upon their bandwidth requirement.

3.    Hostabulous has come up with an interesting offer, which costs for $10/year and includes:

•    1GB RAID10 Protected Space

•    One domain and unlimited sub domains

•    10GB Monthly Transfer

•    10 Email Accounts

•    2 MySQL Databases

•    Free and Instant Setup

•    Free cPanel Migration

4.    JaxVPS Special 1GB VPS offer

Used to be called as, JaxVPS has brought an exciting web hosting deal which is valid only in Jacksonville, Florida. It is a big chance for the Florida residents to avail such a good discounted rates for their web hosting. The plan includes:

•    1024MB RAM

•    1024MB vSwap

•    2 CPU Cores

•    100GB Disk space

•    800GB Bandwidth

•    100Mbps Port Speed

•    OpenVZ/SolusVM

•    1 IPv4 Address

And, this offer costs only $4.95/Month.

Similar to this, there are many other deals, which are specific to some locations. Like some are specifically for Indians, some are for Africans. Thus, these are some of the web hosting deals available all across the world. There are many such deals coming and expiring every day. These offers provide a short term benefit to the users, and some also act as a long term investment, like the one discussed above. Thus, one must try to avail these offers as per their requirements.


Who Are The Top 10 Web Hosts?

topThere are numerous good service providers. Here is the list of top 10 web hosts with just a brief on what services they provide to make them be at the top:

HostGator: It has been one of the top 10 web hosts for a very long time now. You will get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space and unlimited emailing services. The hosts also support PHP web hosting with an all time running service as well. You are guaranteed quality service because your site will always be up and get 24-hour customer support.

IX Web Hosting: This is slightly expensive, even though it provides the same services as the HostGator site. It is also reliable and has fast servers as well.

Blue Hosting: It supports PHP web hosting. You will always enjoy numerous plus points with this hosting site. Some of them are unlimited emailing services, unlimited space and good bandwidth among more.

Host Upon: Their services have got noticed and have made it to the top ten web hosts. They have added advantage when it comes to payment because you can always use PayPal. You will enjoy unlimited emails, space and bandwidth as well.

InMotion: This company has been in the industry for a very long time and has managed to build a good reputation when it comes to web hosting as well. it does not only provide unlimited email, bandwidth and storage space but it also has a good reputation as it has helped numerous sites prosper.

Just Host: Their services have been for a whole and have been equally reliable to many clients. You can also pay for your services through a PayPal account. They host your site with the PHP format and any other format you want. What is remarkable about them is the customer support. They have a team which will always respond quickly to your complaints.

Easy CGI Windows: This is yet another host which has made it to the top 10 web hosts. This service provider is the first to come up with a support system for ASP.NET. They also offer some of the best hosting services.

Yahoo Hosting: This service provider is just incredible. It is the most common and popular for the clients as well. You get good customer support, flexibility, unlimited emails and can pay through PayPal.

Lunar Pages: It is a UK based company which has been on the forefront in the provision of web based services. You will get all the relevant requirements with this service provider.

PowWeb: Their servers are some of the fastest and most effective. With the best servers together with other associated factors the web host makes it to top 10 web hosts.

This is the list of top 10 web hosts that make a great impact and have seen the success of some of the renowned brands worldwide. The service providers are all convenient in their own way and so it is always the specification of the client that matters. Also note that their hosting fees also vary with their services they provide and other factors as well.

Before Deciding On Hosting, Read Hostgator Reviews By Experts

hg1Choosing the right web hosting service provider is crucial to ensure your success as an online marketer. The Internet is a highly competitive market and if you want to succeed in this industry, you will need more than unique product and service offerings. Designing an attractive, well-laid out, and user friendly website is important. Moreover, hosting your site on the right server using the appropriate hosting plan is crucial for your success. With hundreds of web hosting service providers, choosing a reliable agency can be a tough, challenging, and daunting task. However, reading hostgator review by experts can help you make an appropriate decision.

Experience of the agency

An important consideration while choosing the web hosting agency is the experience. Working with an experienced agency like Hostgator ensures you receive high quality and superior services from trained professionals. This agency has more than ten years of industry experience and currently hosts more than eight million domains on over seven thousand servers.

Customer support

It is unavoidable for most webmasters to face technical difficulties at some point or the other. When you read hostgator review by experts, you will find that the agency hires more than eight hundred fifty personnel who are experienced and trained to provide full support to customers and ensure all their difficulties or problems are overcome without any delays in the most efficient manner.

Different plans

Another point that is commonly detailed in the various reviews is the vast number of choice available for the customers. The agency provides different types of plans to ensure every webmaster is able to find one that most appropriately suits his or her personal requirements. The service provider offers affordable plans that start at less than ten dollars per month by using a hostgator coupon that is appropriate for new ventures to high-end plans appropriate for large established corporate clients. Moreover, clients can further reduce their costs by availing different discount codes and coupons that are widely available on the Internet.

Relying on reliable reviews

It is not uncommon to find some unscrupulous companies paying people to write positive reviews about their service offerings. Abstaining from relying on these paid reviews is important to ensure you do not end up being a victim of such unscrupulous service providers. Choosing to base your decision on independent and unbiased reviews provided by actual users will be beneficial in arriving at the right decision. Checking information available on forums, blogs, and discussion boards can also be beneficial in procuring useful data that can help you make an efficient and effective decision. Several professionals with several years of industry experience and insight maintain their blogs and relying on information offered on these online resources is recommended. Searching for forums and blogs of industry experts will provide you with accurate and precise information about Hostgator and other web hosting service providers. This is primarily why it is recommended you read hostgator review by experts before you decide on availing one or more of the different services provided by this leading and reputed web hosting company.